BBQ Briquettes

Restaurant Charcoal 12kg – Premium Grade Lumpwood

Premium quality, restaurant charcoal gives you that authentic BBQ taste.

This excellent charcoal is is perfect for use on a wide range of bbq’s from your garden barbecue to larger BBQ equipment. Made from lumpwood charcoal, these pieces burn hotter and for longer than ordinary charcoal.

12kg Bags


Restaurant Charcoal – premium grade.

Burns longer and hotter than conventional bbq charcoal.

Authorised fuel suitable for use in a smoke control area.


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Miscanthus BBQ Briquettes 5kg

Miscanthus Briquettes are made from 100% Natural Miscanthus (Elephant Grass) which is grown, graded and compressed into neat Briquettes for your BBQ.

These briquettes come from a completely natural sustainable resource, so you can rest easy knowing your doing your bit for the environment.


Grown on British Farms.

100% Miscanthus (Elephant Grass).

Burns Hotter and Longer.

No Spitting.

Natural Sustainable Product.

Environmentally Friendly

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